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How to measure the curve of an awning rafter

Jan 18

We find the most common cause of a lack of curve is the measurement not being taken from the whole arc or full extension of the rafter.

In order to make sure you measure your rafters correctly, follow the steps below:

Please note: It is very important that the curve of a rafter is measured when it is fully locked in its extended position.

To check the curve of your rafter:

1. First, make sure it is fully extended to its maximum length.

2. Once fully extended tighten the knob as tight as it will go in  order to form the arc

3. Lie the rafter down with the two ends against the ground so the full arc can be seen

4. Measure the curve from the middle where the knob/nut is.

5. The curve is taken from the ground to the top of the rafter. This is the arc (photo attached)

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