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Plato's Closet Clothes Requirements

Sep 16

If you have a lot of gently used clothes that you no longer wear, Plato's closet might be a good solution for you. They will offer you 30 percent of the worth of the items you are selling, and will accept a range of things. You can even receive payment right on the spot with store credit or cash.

Plato's Clothes is a retail-resale brand

If you're in the market for new clothes but can't afford to shell out a lot of cash, Plato's Closet can be the ideal option for you. The company is a specialist in buying clothes with the latest trends at up to 70 percent off retail prices. The guidelines are straightforward: clothes must be gently worn and free from excessive damage and wear. They should also purchase only items that are trendy and in season.

The firm has been in operation for over 20 years and has 470 franchises across the globe. It's a place for young adults and teens, and is owned by a collection of franchisees that are independent. Their Albany, NY location is in a strip mall and has women's and male's clothing. It's open until eight p.m. and accepts exchanges within 14 days of purchase provided the tags are still in place.

It is paid 30 percent of what it sells

The online marketplace Plato's Closet will pay you thirty percent of of your products when you sell them. However, you must be aware that the number of buyers may not be the same. A majority of them are college students or teens, and some are more picky than others. Prices for the business vary based on where they are located.

Plato's Closet is a great way to get cash for your old clothes. The store accepts all kinds of clothes and accessories. They also will purchase items like sneakers and other shoes. The items you are selling should be in good condition. Items that have been damaged or stained will not be accepted.

It will accept a variety of items

When selling your items through Plato's Closet, be sure to provide the original receipt. Returns without receipt won't be accepted. The company will also ask to see the original tags of the item. So, you'll be capable of swapping the item as quickly as is possible. If you're not certain if the item is in good condition for sale, think about returning it in store.

For instance, if have an abundance of gently-used clothes, you can take your clothes to the shop and get a cash offer in exchange for the clothes. However, make sure to remove any holes, stains or other wear marks of the clothes. If you'd prefer selling clothing in a more traditional way, you can also donate the items to other locations.

It offers store credit or cash immediately

If you're in the market for clothing but don't want to incur shipping and costs for handling, then Plato's Closet is the perfect place to look. The business accepts clothes of all kinds and sizes however, it does not accept old furniture or electronic devices. Its selection includes trendy quality, premium clothes in every size and type.

You can dispose of your gently used clothes for as much as 60% of the price of retail at Plato's Clothes. It's crucial to be aware that they will only accept gently used clothes that have no holes, stains, or wear that is excessive. They will also only purchase items that are in style or season. In order to begin your shopping experience take your unwanted clothes in a bag, and speak to the associate at the store. The store associate will review your clothes to determine if they are suitable for the store or not.

Plato's Closet has been accepting items since Feb. 5, and will be opening its first store in Milford close to the Sports Authority on the Orange line by the beginning of April. The store is primarily geared towards young women, although some locations also sell DVDs.

It doesn't buy old or antique products.

In the case of clothing Plato's Closet is a great resource to find cheap, gently used items. The clothes are usually of top brands and not necessarily vintage. It's also a great option to buy essential spring and winter clothing.

If you're looking for a way to make cash from your secondhand clothing Plato's Closet will buy gently used clothing from name brands, shoes, and accessories. They'll pay cash on spot for the items and offer up to 70% off retail cost. You won't have to fret over the high-end of your clothes or accessories, as Plato's Closet will offer a top-quality secondhand item for sale at a fraction of price you'd find in the mall.

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